Melyn Mon Recipe Butter

Transform a simple meal into gourmet deliciousness! Cut a slice of RECIPE BUTTER & melt onto
cooked meat, fish or vegetables, or use to create effortless
restaurant style sauce…

All our RECIPE BUTTERS are hand made in small batches, each one blended individually using the finest Welsh butter and freshest, tastiest ingredients. We have taken time to get the balance of flavour perfect in each of our RECIPE BUTTERS, so that you can produce delicious meals in no time at all!

The best butter comes from cows that are pasture fed, and luckily our Welsh pastures are lush & green so make the best traditionally churned butter of all! Our ingredients are all selected from local growers for their taste & quality.

Melyn Môn RECIPE BUTTER transforms simple ingredients into delicious gourmet dining. Julie Morgan has been making her RECIPE BUTTERS for several years, to much acclaim, and is now delighted to share them with you…